The purpose of Bridge the gap, sub-domain is to ensure that no communication gap between client and the organization remains unaddressed. As many of our clients are not local and they come from different cities and countries around, ‘Bridge the Gap’ is a breakthrough innovative sub-domain of its own genre to be introduced for the first time in Pakistan by any state of the art facility for counseling, addiction treatment and psychiatric service provider. We follow our mission statement of ‘Making Miracles’ and this sub-domain will be an added feature to what we do.

‘Bridge the Gap’ will communicate about the current standing of the client, where actually he needs to be and by what time period he should be there. It will be like the working of a stock exchange where each rise in point is a gain and each fall is a decline. In the same way a client’s progress report is developed showing point to point progress towards a destination. This report will also inform as how much has been achieved and how much more needs to be done. To make things simpler and easy to quantify, the progress report will be in form of a graphical representation of the scoreboard (Graph, pie-chart, bar chart etc) supported by comments from an assigned team of psychologists, counselors and a doctor.

When a client enters into a treatment , a wildly important goal is set after a full fledge assessment, giving the team, client himself and client’s family a direction in which they all need to move together. Afterwards specific programs are assigned to clients that are headed by program experts.

Privacy of data is one of our higher priorities and therefore an online progress report of a client will be password protected, making it visible only to the password possessor. The sub-domain will help connect client’s family to Willing Ways team 24/7 through an online chat and through audio and video interaction via Skype.

Our international standing material will be available online which is also accessible by an outsider who would like to increase knowledge about the work we do.  We are always open to feedback and a proper section will be specifically dedicated for this purpose.

In a nutshell, this sub-domain will inform about client’s point to point progress on daily basis thus bridging the gap between client and the organization.

Willing Ways is known as the best addiction treatment and psychiatric services provider in Pakistan. We are the trusted leaders in serving the community for the last 30 years. Our motto is to ‘learn, grow and leave an impression that stays forever’.







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